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Beauty Infused solid Serum

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Our wonderful Beauty Infused solid face serum is being discontinued, we have had difficulties with suppliers for some ingredients and the mango butter has been crystallising, making the serum grainy. We have discounted this to 50% off, it is still completely safe to use and amazing for your skin, we just don’t be making it anymore. 

Packed with the best active ingredient’s nature has to offer:

  • Hibiscus - Known for it’s regenerative properties and anti-aging properties (known as the Botox plant)
  • Calendula - Renowned for its healing properties and ability to plump and firm
  • Frankincense – Said to possess anti-aging abilities that improve tone, elasticity and wrinkles
  • Borage Oil - Highly concentrated with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that is said to be amazing for soothing dry skin conditions and is believed to boost skins natural moisture barrier leaving  plump, supple and radiant
  • Maracuja Oil - Or Passionfruit Oil is said to be wonderfully healing, ideal for both dry, sensitive and acne prone skin due to its high concentration of linoleic acid (Vitamin F)
  • Rosehip Oil - Is said to offer several anti aging properties including moisturising and is rich is both Vitamin A and C which is important for collagen production
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil - Not only does it give our serum is beautiful colour, it is a powerhouse ingredient that is believed to strengthen and restore skin elasticity

How does it feel: Non greasy, lightweight formula that won't clog pores.

Who can use it: For all skin types, including oily and blemish prone.

How to use: Gently rub a small amount onto face and neck after cleansing, then apply moisturiser afterwards.

Packaging: Plastic minimal packaging, glass bottle with dropper.

30ml bottle 


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Kirstin Higgins
Fabulous product!

I love this serum! Been using it for about a year. It's lovely on my skin and smells amazing. Great independent company using natural and eco friendly ingredients and packaging. 5 stars!

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