Making Soap To Help Ukraine

We needed a way to help Ukraine

As many of you are, we are horrified at what we are seeing happen to Ukraine. So we started thinking how could we help. 

The most logical thing to do would be to donate soap, as many people will fleeing their home without basic necessities. But we are unable to donate soap, as unfortunately the rules with Brexit mean that we are unable to donate soap directly to people in Ukraine and those fleeing in neighbouring countries. To distribute cosmetic products in the EU (this includes donating), you need to have what is called a 'Responsible Person' for your business based permanently in an EU country. Even though Ukraine is not in the EU, our soaps would more than likely end up in a neighbouring country such as Poland, which falls under these regulations.

This is fine for larger businesses who have the resources to employ an international 'responsible person' but not possible for small businesses like mine. So the next best thing I could do was to raise money using soap and donate support in that way.

Soap For Ukraine

Bars of soap yellow and blue like the Ukrainian flag

So we decided to create 'Soap For Ukraine', which is a simple bar coloured yellow and blue, like the Ukraine flag and scented with Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils. 

Each bar of 'Soap for Ukraine' is £3 each and the FULL £3 FROM EACH BAR WILL BE DONATED directly to International Rescue Committee (IRC), who are on the ground in Ukraine and neighbouring countries meeting the needs of all refugees and displaced people. Bars are half the size of our usual full size bars.

We have made 190 bars and need your help to raise funds, please share on your social media and share our posts.

If you want to know more about how the IRC is helping the crisis, please see here

PLEASE NOTE: This soap is freshly made and will need two weeks to cure before they can be posted to you on Monday 28th March 2022, if you order other items please bear this in mind. If you are happy to wait, that is wonderful, but if you need your other items sooner, please leave a note on your order.

Discount codes will not be valid for this product, as we want to raise as much as possible for Ukraine.

If you would like to purchase a bar, please go here