Skyn Bakery featured on The Daily Struggle

I am so excited to share with you the first piece of press coverage that Skyn Bakery has received, we have been featured in online women's lifestyle magazine, The Daily Struggle. 

I was absolutely thrilled when the wonderful Scarlet Wonderland who writes for the magazine asked if she could interview me, I was even more happy when I saw the article and read all of the nice things written about me and my business. 

Thank you for believing in me

I still suffer with a bit of imposter syndrome sometimes and doubt my abilities as a business owner, i'm still waiting for someone to come by and tell me i'm doing it all wrong haha! I think it is hard to own your achievements, so it is really lovely when someone else recognise's them. Being called a mum boss was nice, I think someone needs to tell my kids as they seem to be the ones doing most of the bossing in our house. 

Here is a link to the article on the Daily Struggle website.

The Daily Struggle's Instagram post 

If you are on Instagram, you can see our story on The Daily Struggle's page. They have some really interesting features, I definitely recommend giving them a follow. 

Also, if you don't follow the hilarious Scarlet Wonderland who interviewed me on Instagram, you really need to, some days I feel like she is talking about my actual life! Here is a link to her blog.


Hope you are all keeping well my lovelies.

Lots of love

Clare xx