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I am having a period of reflection about Skyn Bakery, things in my personal and business life have prompted me to question how I am running the business. I recently lost my brother in January, it was very unexpected and a complete shock to our whole family. In all honesty, it has made me question a lot of things. I have decided to no longer do monthly artisan markets, I want to have my weekends with my children, but I will still do the odd big event. I love my business, I created it from absolutely nothing, bought my first ingredients from some birthday money my husband gave me and started in my kitchen. This is my 4th baby and I will make this work.

I have found that things have become too much for me, I am the only one physically making all of the products, running social media, accounts, inventory etc. My product range has become too big for me to make on my own and very expensive to keep every product in stock, so I will be looking to streamline my range and offer my customers exactly what they want.

Times are changing quickly, the cost of living crisis is having a major impact on small businesses like mine. I need to adapt to the current climate and offer products that my lovely customers actually want. Adapt or die as the saying goes and I need your help to direct me.

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