Why I started Skyn Bakery

I have been working on this website for a couple of months now, I actually started around Christmas time. With me being the perfectionist I am, these things tend to take time, even more so with small children in tow. Eventually you have to release your baby out into the world and hope that people like what you do. 

So how did this start for me, how does anyone get into soap making? It's not just something that you fall into, well in my case, it kind of was actually. Like a lot of people I have been increasingly worried about the excessive use of plastic in our society, I started to think about how I could limit my use and that of my family. I tend to get a lot of wild ideas and want to try different things, one day I thought 'ooo I'l try making some soap'.

Well, I discovered it wasn't as easy as that, once I started I realised it was a very tricky balance to get the recipe just right and certain things can be quite temperamental. I had some interesting experiments in the beginning. All this before taking into account the legal side of selling soap, the cosmetic product safety reports (CPSR) were mind blowing to say the least, but obviously necessary as I wanted to ensure my products were safe for human folk to use.

I found my soap style

Skyn Bakery beginnings

I was hooked from the beginning, I found it very relaxing and I love being creative, something which I think has been missing for a long time. I used to and I still do get very excited when I take a loaf out of the mould, cut it and see what kind of pattern I have created.  

It's not all style without substance though, I wanted to make plastic free soap and skincare that looked good enough to eat, but also have wonderful therapeutic and moisturising properties. 

I have quite sensitive skin that can dry easily and two of my children have eczema, so I created products that we can all use safely. I get wonderful messages from people suffering with eczema and psoriasis who use my handmade body butter and they tell me of the wonders it does for their skin. 

That is the power of natural beauty!

Much love,

Clare @ Skyn Bakery xoxo