Soap to help the NHS

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has changed the world in a way we could not have imagined and like many people, I was wondering what I could do to help.  Soap is currently an in demand product and as a soap maker, I wanted to contribute in some small way by offering my soaps to help out in any way I can. 

I donated 80 bars of soap to my local hospital, Southport & Ormskirk District General Hospital. I wanted to show my thanks and appreciation to the NHS and the amazing work they do, especially in the current climate, we are so lucky to have them. The NHS has always been there when I have needed it, delivered my babies, looked after my family when they have been sick and even saved my life on one occasion. I can never repay them for the amazing work they do, I hope that my soaps will in a tiny way, bring a smile to the staff and patients at the trust, who are given one of the bars.  


I felt that I wanted to do more 

I did not want to stop at one donation, that is why I created Hope Soap, a half size bar of antimicrobial soap that has been created specifically for us to help the NHS and our local community groups during the current crisis. Hope Soap is a simple, high quality antimicrobial formula that is perfect for hand washing and is kinder on the skin to those front line key workers who are no doubt washing their hands much more than normal.

Every purchase of 'Hope Soap' is a donation, all money made from the sales of this bar of soap goes towards buying more ingredients to make more soap to donate to the NHS and other local key services. For this reason the soaps are half the size of a standard bar we sell. 

So what's inside 'Hope Soap' and how will it help?

Hope Soap contains the same high quality ingredients and love that goes into all our handmade soaps here at Skyn Bakery. Key workers washing their hands more can benefit from Organic Shea Butter and Castor Oil which are key for moisturising and preventing skin from becoming dry. Also the antimicrobial agents we've included contain a combination of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils, Tea Tree in particular has wonderful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Skyn Bakery is a small independent business, less than 12 months old and run by one person, meaning we operate on a small budget and we face the same struggles many businesses are currently facing. The ingredients used are high quality and expensive, that is why we need your help to continue making donations of soap. 

Please note: We are unable to make donations to individual people, we are only able to donate in bulk to key service organisations.

You can find details of Hope Soap here

Much love

Skyn Bakery xx