Using Handmade Soap

I remember when I was younger there was always a bar of soap on my Nan’s sink, whenever I used it my hands would always feel really dry and I grew up with the idea that I couldn't use soap because it made my skin dry, so I opted for mass produced shower gels, hand washes and bubble bath in plastic bottles thinking that this was better for me.

I got into my thirties and started thinking differently about things, I wanted to become more eco friendly and was desperate to get rid of the plastic bottles in my bathroom. I kind of stumbled into the world of natural soap and skincare making. I was instantly fascinated and taught myself how to make soap. Not just any soap, I developed my own unique recipe that was also moisturising. 

A lot of you will be like I was and have a misconception of soap, I have put together some of the different ways that natural handmade soap can be used.

Soap as a shower gel

If you want to ditch the plastic shower gel bottles, my soap bars are a great alternative, are big enough to get a good grip and they lather up really nicely, simply rub them over wet skin to get the desired lather. They work really well with a flannel or sponge too. The high content of raw Cocoa Butter leaves skin feeling soft afterwards, soaps that are great as shower gels include Hello Sunshine, a zingy citrus scent which is perfect for a morning shower, Bouquet Beauty which has a lovely floral scent and the sultry Pink Nebula.

Soap as a body scrub

I absolutely adore body scrubs, we make a fantastic one that comes in a recyclable glass jar. If you wanted to be completely packaging free, our soap scrub bars might be for you. 

Coffee and Cacao - I made this soap specifically to be used in the shower, it had ground Fair Trade Cocoa Beans and raw Cacao. The beans are amazing for removing dead skin and ingrown hairs and the coffee leaves skin feeling super soft. 

Pink Himalayan Salt - A beautiful soap that has a gorgeous scent, the Pink Himalayan salt provides a nice level of scrub.

Ocean Dreams - This soap works in the same way as Pink Himalayan, but it has sea salt instead and has a wonderful fresh ocean smell.

OatMG - I think this could in fact be our best seller, this is a really mild and gentle soap that is made with ground oats and scented with lavender and sweet orange. Such a wonderful relaxing soap that is ideal for sensitive skins. 

Soap as a face wash

I know, I know I can hear you shout NOOOOO to this, I have one soap that is ideal for washing your face. Charcoal Rose is possibly the sexiest looking soap I have, but this beauty packs a lot of substance to go with that style. Activated charcoal is a key ingredient and is widely regarded as an excellent facial cleanser, great for removing dirt right out of those pores, team it with Tea Tree essential oil which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties you have a great combination for sensitive and problematic skins. Of course, please use with caution and do not use around the eye area, ouch! 

Washing your hands with soap

Of course the obvious one is that our soaps are perfect for washing your hands, they are quite big for hand soaps so you could cut them in half. That way they last longer and you get to try different scents sooner. 

Looking after your soaps

Because our soaps are not made with harsh chemicals designed to make them last longer, we advise you to let them dry properly after each use. A big tip would be not to leave them in the shower, leave them on the side. Use a soap rack or dish that allows water to drain from underneath, no one likes those soggy bottoms. You can find all of the soaps mentioned here and you can find soap racks here

Also please don’t use soap bars on your hair, the ph levels of your hair and your skin are completely different and therefore have different cleansing needs. Soap is magical for your skin, not so hot for your hair. Please keep your eyes peeled for shampoo bars in the near future!

I do hope I have bored you to tears talking about soap, if you are still here, well done for reaching the end! 

Stay safe everyone and thank you for your continued love and support.

Clare @ Skyn Bakery xx